About Us

About US

 Hong Kong Tower Crane  Association (HKTCA) 

HKTCA was founded over ten years. HKTCA consists of  6 members representing the service of tower cranes in Hong Kong.

The main functions of HKTCA are to forge consensus on strategic issues, convey the industry’s needs and aspirations to Government, construction industry, main contractor, as well as provide a communication channel for construction industry to advise on all construction-related matters. In order to propagate improvements across the entire industry, HKTCA steers forward research and manpower development, facilitates adoption of construction standards, promotes good practices and compiles performance indicators. Moreover, training and nourishing youngster to work in the tower crane industry is our mission.

 Notice of Change of Company Name

Hong Kong Tower Crane Engineering Association Limited, thanks to the space all sectors in the construction industry, has been able to  achieve sustainable growth since its inauguration in  2011. Our development  has soppliers further expansion due to the recent affiliation of tower crane suppliers to our association. This development shall be reflected upon the renaming of our organization as “Hong Kong Tower Crane Association Limited”, officially commencing 1st December 2015.